Marchiche Global Solutions has extensive experience in the field of Human Resources. It is a contact of choice to carry out the audit of your structure.

A team dedicated to internal audit

Marchiche Global Solutions is comprised of consultants who are have extensive experience in different fields. We offer consulting and auditing services in the following areas:

  • Human Resources
  • Social law
  • Labor law

Marchiche Global Solutions adapts to the specificities of your business sector and analyses Human Resources data to identify the strengths and areas to improve in the management of your company.

Conduct a labor audit of your company

The labor audit aims at assessing the application of all legal and conventional provisions applicable to your company. The recommendations specified in our audit report aim at shielding you from misclassification penalties and other labor-related risks. Some of the topics assessed are:

  • Compliance of payslips with regulations
  • Control of the company’s working hours
  • The conformity of the employment contracts and disciplinary proceedings or rupture in comparison with the regulation frame (personal or economic dismissal, conventional rupture …)
  • Compliance of employment contracts and disciplinary/termination procedures with the regulatory framework (personal or economic termination, conventional termination, etc.)
  • The proper keeping of registers and mandatory postings
  • The proper running of labor unions or other institutions

Conduct an HR audit of your company

The HR audit aims to evaluate the processes and implemented procedures in your company. The diagnosis and recommendations presented in our report will help you optimize your company’s structure and human capital management. Some of the topics assessed are:

  • Analysis of Human Resources management: nature of the workforce, types of work contracts, staff representation….
  • Audit of the remuneration policy
  • Audit of work structure and processes
  • Compliance with labor law and collective agreements

Following the HR audit of your company, the diagnosis and recommendations will be used to optimize your company’s structure and HR management.