Youssef Marchiche

Founder & General Manager

Marchiche Global Solutions specializes in the outsourcing of Payroll Administration, HR Management, PEO, Accounting, Finance and much more.  We offer our services for companies of all sizes in Morocco and around the globe. We have created a pole of dedicated and experienced Payroll, Human Resources and Finance professionals to better meet the needs of our clients and also to contribute to the digital transformation of the Human Resources function of Moroccan and foreign companies. We have built innovative, transparent, structured and formalized services that make us the number one choice for your global expansion.

Our added value is manifested in the combination of solid and transparent human relations and the advanced technology of our secure online portal, all while dedicating a team of experts to your account.

We highly cherish the ethics and values of our profession such as integrity, confidentiality, transparency and honest counseling. In addition, the relationships between Marchiche Global Solutions and our clients are regulated by mission letters.

Created in 2008, benefiting this way from the 20 years of experience of our founder in the domain, Marchiche Global Solutions is a human resources and finance outsourcing firm at the service of the client.


We offer our services in several countries around the world, providing Payroll and Human Resources Management outsourcing services in Morocco and internationally through our firm’s several long-time partners who are world-renowned groups specialized in the field.

Marchiche Global Solutions

Support and advise is our mission...