Reduce your costs

Increased competition and economic crises are forcing companies to minimize their costs, one of the main profit levers. All expenditure items must be analyzed carefully and optimized. Marchiche Global Solutions assists companies in optimizing their human resources & financial management, processes and organizational structure.

Marchiche Global Solutions helps you identify unnecessary expenses that can be trimmed.

Optimization of the company's expenses

Marchiche Global Solutions analyses all the company’s components to identify optimization opportunities:

  • Treasury management: implementation a treasury planning
  • Purchasing management: competitive bidding of suppliers, centralization of expenditure positions, identification of superfluous expenditure spots, etc.
  • Human Resources: Payroll & HR Management outsourcing, initiation of a cost-saving spirit in the company, particularly on supplies and other logistical aspects (such as company vehicles)
  • Infrastructures: furniture, hardware/software, maintenance, etc.