Payroll and Human Resources Management Outsourcing

Marchiche Global Solutions provides a professional Payroll and Human Resources Management outsourcing solution for your company. The managers are assured of compliance with legal constraints and HR risk factors are reduced.

A team dedicated to payroll and HR management

Marchiche Global Solutions is made up of consultants who are experts in business and social sciences. Our consultants have extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Human Resources Development
  • Payroll Processing
  • Social law
  • Labor law

Marchiche Global Solutions adapts to the specificities of your industry and analyses Human Resources data to help you make better use of your strengths and improve your organizational performance.

Payroll Outsourcing

Marchiche Global Solutions ensures the payroll processing and the human capital management of your company:

  • Payslips
  • Tax and social security returns
  • Social affiliations
  • Management of health/sickness certificates
  • Leave management
  • Expense management
  • Salary certificates
  • Work certificates
  • Leave certificates
  • Bank attestations
  • Bank transfer paper and electronic support
  • Compensation and severance packages
  • Accounting entries for salary processing
  • Business Intelligence dashboards

Human Resources Management Outsourcing

Marchiche Global Solutions also takes care of the management of your Human Capital:

  • Drafting of employment contracts
  • Audit of the remuneration policy
  • Audit of the organization’s working hours
  • Implementation of a profit-sharing agreement
  • Assistance in the election of employee delegates
  • Establishment of the work council
  • Assistance in the drafting of the internal regulations
  • Management of redundancies
  • Career Management
  • Training & Development programs

We provide you with a full web solution for payroll and HR management with two flexible options to choose from: a collaborative option and an autonomous payroll and HR management option. 

Human Resources Analytics Dashboards

Our HR dashboards allow you to automatically generate dynamic reports with statistics and graphs. The automated system is updated everytime new data is added, providing an all-encompassing, real-time overview to analyze HR operations and turn raw data into knowledge, helping you better articulate your business strategies.

Advantages of HR Analytics Dashboards

Integrated Data

  • Generate real-time accurate reports without investing in data collection specialists
  • Selective access to the reports based on access rights
  • Reduce communication costs and improve management efficiency
  • An economic solution without additional investments (hardware or software…)

Visualize the data

  • Flexible visual reports that meet the company’s needs
  • Eye-catching and user-friendly graphical presentation for an insightful analysis
  • Complete set of reports that meet customer needs at different levels

Enable efficient analysis and decision-making

  • Interactive reports make analysis simple and intuitive
  • In-depth data analysis to facilitate problem solving

Automatic data update

  • Data is automatically updated on demand, reducing human error and work effort
  • A summary of the latest HR operations and activities
  • Work cost and budgetary trends
  • Detailed records of staff distribution and turnover
  • Beakdown of labor cost by city and department

Among reporting and analysis functions, we provide:

  • Productivity analysis
  • Attendance analysis
  • Job-cost analysis
  • Employee feedback
  • Overtime work analysis
  • Staff turnover analysis