A comprehensive and efficient online platform

Marchiche Global Solutions offers you a fully secure, cloud based, collaborative platform for the online management of your company, available on web and mobile.

24/7 Availability

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Secure Backup

Data History



Connection between the modules


Our invoicing software allows the creation of estimates and invoices, receipts follow-up, and the monitoring of turnover evolution.

Expense Report

Management of expense reports and travel allowances with a mobile application.

Purchases and Sales

Follow-up of purchases and sales invoices as well as their payments and collections.


Automatic daily recovery of bank statements and treasury follow-up.

Cash Fund

Cash fund entry. For French companies, we offer the possibility of automatically recovering the monthly turnovers from the cash register.

Real Time Dashboard

Key indicators to follow up your company's overall activity.

Automated Accounting Entry

Automatic capture and entry of expenses and revenues through scanning and optical character recognition technology (OCR).

Enterprise Content Management

A bonding interface between us and our clients. As soon as the invoices are treated, the client is informed in real time of the accounting date, VAT declaration and payment details thanks to a reference on the accounting document. It is a 100% secure Web and Mobile system solution. It operates fully on the Cloud while complying with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) standards approved in 2016 by the European Commission for implementing as of 25 May 2018. Our clients can thus develop their businesses without any additional investment on their end since there is no installation or maintenance of software/hardware to perform. Access codes allow all or part of the data to be viewed according to the manager’s needs. The latter can change the password so that he or she retains control over his or her personal data.
Any archived document can be viewed or emailed directly from the platform. Our application allows the archiving of documents in different formats, i.e.: Word, Excel, PDF, JPEG, videos, etc.

We provide you with accurate and real-time management information to better run your company.