The Dashboards

Management dashboards are performance measurement tools that provide a dynamic pilotage and decision-making advice. Marchiche Global Solutions accompanies you in the creation of effective and personalized management dashboards.

Management Dashboards gather different key indicators that allow to rapidly identify the strengths and weaknesses of your activity, resulting in a strong groundwork that will allow you to take the adequate measures and decisions. It is necessary to set precise and realistic objectives so you can assess your performance in terms of sales turnover, profitability, treasury and analytical partition of charges, etc.

Assess the financial health of your business

Marchiche Global Solutions analyses your company’s figures, activity and environment, all while working closely with your managers, to create tailor-made management dashboards and reports.

The periodicity of these management dashboards and reports is also customizable: daily, weekly, monthly… In this way, they allow for a budget management and financial reporting that meet the needs of the company.